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State of California Mask Contract 1-20-65-32XX


Personal Protective Equipment is available to any U.S. public agency.

About CTI


CTI was established in 2000, beginning with a strong foundation in the manufacturing of composite and wood  products and patented technologies. We are a leader in our industry sector and product group.


Based in Sacramento, CA with its primary subsidiary in Shanghai, China, CTI ships hundreds of shipping containers every month into North America and Europe with a steady growth trend.


Following the outbreak of COVID-19, our manufacturing and quality control infrastructure enabled us to pivot quickly to the manufacturing of PPE products to support  the United States market. 

Since the beginning of 2020, we have supplied over 25 million 3-Ply masks to the State of California.


We’ve got you covered.

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Products Available Under DGS Contract

The following is catalog pricing for the State of CA mask contract #1-20-65-32XX

Level 1 Surgical Mask

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  • Type: Level 1 Surgical Mask

  • Manufacturer: Xiantao-Zhibo

  • OEM #: XTZB-1

  • SKU: ZB20-FM-01

  • Technical Data

  • MSRP: $0.85 (select qty. for discounted price)


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